Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random obstacles to academic performance

Well I missed another quiz in addition to those I missed due to registration problems after they dropped all my classes because of a $16 testing fee. I was calling the police while this particular quiz was being given. I'll just post my follow-up email they had me write to the maintenance department:
To whom it may concern,
Yesterday around 1:00 PM, I witnessed one of UT's white maintenance trucks numbered 166 push a pedestrian out of the way aggressively. Instead of letting a pedestrian cross behind the truck, the operator accelerated in reverse, turning to chase the pedestrian. The pedestrian, a young man, had to run and brace himself against the tailgate of the truck with his arms to avoid getting pulled under the wheels. The truck chased him perhaps 15 feet. I phoned the police who told me to contact UT directly since it was not a criminal matter. I do not understand how intentionally running into pedestrians is not a criminal matter. From where I stood I could see what appeared to be a male in the passenger side. I sincerely hope that this incident is not allowed to pass without something being done to remedy this dangerous situation.
Best regards,
Craig Pemberton
Aside from this cursory email nothing has really happened:
Mr. Pemberton--
Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. I am copying this email to our Associate Vice President for Campus Safety and Security, Bob Harkins, for review.
Once again, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.
Julien Carter
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I hope the driver gets his driver's license revoked. The victim just walked away in a hurry. I don't think he knew what to do. He was probably also worried about being late for class.

So in non-exceptional news, things seem to be going well. The project hasn't really seemed to get any momentum going. There are loose ends everywhere. I'm sure I'll make it on time. The lectures are about exceptions which are nice and all but don't seem relevant unless Dr. Downing is working up to giving us a project that uses them heavily. Personally the exception style never occurs to me while I am writing my own code. Of the intern-ships I have worked at, none of them were very exception-friendly. Dr. Shmatikov referred to exceptions as "structured gotos" which is a nicely clinical view of the matter.

In Dr. Emerson's class my girlfriend sat in with me because we were going to drive home afterward. Emerson was going over CTL and saying a lot of things like "P holds infinitely often everywhere" and "in all possible futures, eventually P will always hold". So she writes me a note about holding your pee infinitely. I could barely hold it together I almost broke out laughing in front of a Turing award winner in a class of about 15 people! I felt so embarrassed. Now if she wants to wait for a ride she will wait outside the classroom! She agrees and so on Tuesdays and Thursdays when we drive home together in the evening she will do something else and be less bored and I will be able to concentrate on the lecture fully.

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