Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Software Engineering

Professor Downing has asked us to keep a blog for the CS373 Software Engineering course. I registered this blog months ago hoping to revive a pleasant old habit and never got around to doing any actual blogging. This course offers a perfect opportunity to start.

The syllabus is promising, brimming with a panoply of shiny modern lightweight tools like Django, Google App Engine, Torvald's baby git, assembla, and epydoc.

Whenever I browse the larcenous Coop bookstore I have eyed the refactoring book with a great deal of interest. I'm glad I own it now. I find the process of refining a big messy project into a fine-tuned and orderly one very rewarding, and this is the only book I have ever seen entirely devoted to the process. I hope we get to spend a good chunk of time on it.

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